Simple Truths to Change Your Life


Dear Incredible Ones,

My story was one of trying to please and conform in many aspects of my life—from family, to peers, to romantic partners, to work colleagues. Because I experienced the pain of never feeling “good enough,” I lacked the courage to speak the voice of me. I suppressed who I was in an effort to get love and approval. I experienced much pain, disappointment, and frustration as a result. My dreams were handcuffed to playing it safe and not honoring my authentic self.

For those of us, helpless in feeling that we cannot affect change—whether it is in our own life or at large—many of us will give up and succumb to the circumstances of our life. Feeling, “is this it?”

After reaching a very low point, my life changed when I found the source that unlocked everything: the knowledge that I needed to give and practice whatever it was that I sought.

  • Compassion – I gave it until it crumbled my wall and I began to rebuild myself.
  • Clarity – I sat with it in stillness until the mental fog cleared.
  • Creativity – I started imagining it until it awoke the ideas within me.
  • Courage – I believed in it until I found my inner strength.

These qualities and more have reignited my purpose, released my potential, and reshaped my path.

So, here I am today to share my thoughts and experiences in my first book, The ABCs of Authentic Me: A Collection of Simple Truths to Change Your Life.

The ABCs of Authentic Me is a simple and easy read, written to help take us back to the basics. This book is for anyone who wants to be anchored in happiness. It “spells out” simple practices that can help get us back on track. With continuous practice it will awaken the “goodness” in each of us. The essence of who we are—our ABCs.

In this space of simplicity, we can get to the “heart of it.” Our focus becomes who we are and what we stand for. What is important to us?  What do we value?  What, of ourselves, do we want to share and express?

We will find the courage to clear out the debris and start a new foundation. We will connect to the authenticity of who we are and the vision within our hearts — witnessing that life has always had our backs.

Thus, I thank you, Universe, for all the lessons I have learned and continue to learn—my inspiration for this book. As well, I give thanks to you, my readers, in advance for your support as I continue to grow and share my purpose to inspire others to do the same—be who they are— “The Who” you would be if you didn’t subscribe to judgment, rejection, or abandonment. “The Who” that is the authentic and courageous expression of you.

In Love, In Service,