Life Coaching


The art of listening is critical because it allow others to feel not only heard, felt, understood, but most importantly loved. As a life coach, I feel the greatest gift to my clients is being able to see their loving essence while extending the deepest of compassion to not only support, but to inspire and help create their greatness—the one I know that is possible within all of us.

I will provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to freely express and connect to your inner most Self (with a capital “S”), by listening beyond the words, asking questions beyond the mind, giving you techniques and practices beyond what can be seen. Our time together is designed to go beyond the physical and emotional small self, awakening the Self that is authentic and your truest expression of who you are, igniting your unique contribution to this world.

I will coach you to practice dancing with life and to travel light by remembering your innocence and opening the channels to being in flow with life. This doesn’t mean that things will always be easy but with practice it will be effortless.

Often our coaching sessions can be preceded with Meditative Breathing to help relax the body and mind, allowing us to more easily turn inward, and discover the inner stillness and calm that is always but a gentle breath away.

Please contact me for more information and to schedule your free 30-minute introductory session.